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New Curriculum 2014 Overview


In response to the new 2014 curriculum changes, Blackpool Primary School has enriched the existing plans to ensure creative and exciting learning opportunities across all Key Stages and for all pupils.


Learners are immersed in an innovative and dynamic thematic approach through topic led plans.  Children are encouraged to contribute their ideas and questions, in order to take their enquiry in a direction which will engage and challenge their thinking and understanding; thus developing Leaders of Learning.


The overarching aim of the forward thinking curriculum is to equip students with the necessary skills to adapt to an ever changing 21st century world.


As a Church of England Primary School, Blackpool has a set of distinctive values which underpin and are integral to the ethos of the school and the wider community.


Blackpool C of E Primary School Curriculum Drivers; Communication, Enterprise, My Place In The World, Creativity and Christian Values.

Blackpool C of E Primary Curriculum Drivers

Mathematics Guide for Parents KS1

2016/2017 New Curriculum -  Medium Term Plans

KS1 & KS2

Autumn - Medium Term Planning

Unit 3 Autumn 2016 MTP The Victorians

Unit 1 Roald Dahl MTP 2016

Spring - Medium Term Planning

Summer - Medium Term Planning

2015/2016 New Curriculum -  Medium Term Plans

KS1 & KS2

Summer 2016 Medium Term Planning

Unit 1 Rainforest topic Medium Term Plan

Unit 3 Africa topic medium term plan

2014/2015 New Curriculum -  Medium Term Plans

KS1 & KS2

Unit 3 Spring Medium Term Plan - Waterworld

General information about the National Curriculum

You may be interested in the documents below which give you more information about the new National Curriculum introduced in September 2014.