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Coldharbour Mill

Year 5 and 6 pupils dressed in fabulous Victorian costumes took a fascinating factory tour around Coldharbour Mill as part of our learning topic which has focussed on exploring Victorian life. The tour gave the pupils an understanding of how the original hand processes of spinning and weaving shifted to being performed on mechanical machines during the Industrial revolution.
 In addition the pupils assumed the role of Victorian children during a drama workshop as part of the visit. Each pupil had previously requested a position of employment at the mill under the tyrannical rule of Mr Robson, the foreman in charge of labour at the mill. As part of their initiation into working life, the pupils performed recitals of arithmetic and verse as well as performing manual tasks around the Mill which were inspected by the fearsome foreman. They performed their roles as workers exceptionally well with all pupils successfully gaining a working position at the mill! 
A fantastic day was experienced by all the pupils who gained a real insight into what working life would have been like during the Victorian era. Below are just a few of the responses taken from pupils from across the unit relating to their experiences during the visit.
"I enjoyed the polishing and cleaning of the machinery and being ordered around!" Olivia Babcock
"It was a fantastic moment when I was given the role of being a child worker at the mill." Abi Jones
"I enjoyed learning about the different types of machinery that Victorian workers had to operate" Louis Sanders Wright
 " It was great to be ordered around by Mr Robson. He was so mean! "  Oliver Hall