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British Values

British Values at Blackpool CE School

'Democracy allows everyone to be heard and

have a voice. It is important to  feel equal.' Year 4

Our British Values curriculum is coordinated by Mrs Earley    


“At Blackpool, we aim to actively promote the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs in a variety of ways across out curriculum.  Our aim is to nurture our children on their journey through life so they can grow into safe, caring, democratic, responsible, respectful and tolerant adults who make a positive difference to British society and to the world. We encourage our children to be creative, unique, open-minded and independent individuals, respectful of themselves and of others in our school, our local community and the wider world”.

This is what our children say about British Values in our school...

'Rules help us to make good behaviour choices and keep everyone safe.' EYFS


'It is good that we can all be different. It would be boring if we were all the same.' Year 1 


'We have rules for our Jigsaw Charter for PSHE lessons.' Year 2


'Respect is important because it shows us people are listening.' Year 3


'Democracy allows everyone to be heard and have a voice. It is important to feel equal.' Year 4


'We have chances to disagree with other people's opinions, but we must speak with respect.' Year 5


'Tolerance is the key to meeting new people.' Year 6