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The Blackpool Way

In order to create a safe environment where all children can flourish, we must maintain the highest possible standards of pupil behaviour. Please see our 'Blueprint for good behaviour' (below) which summarises our overall philosophy for behaviour.

We have three simple rules for behaviour: Ready, Respectful, Safe. Children need to be ready to learn, respectful to others and safe with their bodies, words and online.  

We have developed a 'curriculum for behaviour' which we call The Blackpool Way. This document (below) sets out the rules and routines that we explicitly

teach pupils. We believe this helps to build pupils' character by supporting them to develop the habits and attitudes that will enable them to succeed now, and in later life.


In lessons, if a pupil is not following our school rules, teachers will take the following steps. These steps may not all be followed for more significant behaviours.


Finally, we also have a 'behaviour triangle'. This outlines the behaviours we don't want to see in school, and some likely consequences for these behaviours. Discretion will always be used when implementing any consequences, alongside restorative conversations to ensure children learn from the mistakes that they make.