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Letter regarding ordering from Thomas Moore


Blackpool School Uniform


The school has a clearly defined uniform that all the children wear. The uniform is an integral part of the school ethos. As a school we have a logo which is embroidered on our school jumpers and PE T-Shirt. We also have winter hats, summer caps, PE Bags, Book Bags and Coats with our logo on. These items are available for purchase from Thomas Moore in Exeter.


Boys Uniform

Jumpers with logo: Red

Trousers/Shorts: Grey

Shirt: Grey or white

School Tie: Red/Grey

Socks: Grey


Sensible Black shoes.

No trainers or boots.


Girls Uniform

Jumper/Cardigan with logo: Red

Skirt/Pinafore: Grey

Trousers: Black/Grey

Shirt: White

School Tie: Red/Grey

Tights: Red

Socks: Red or white

Summer Dress - Check: Red and White


Sensible Black shoes.

No trainers, boots, shoes with open toes or heels.


PE/Games Kit - Girls and Boys

Please note that a complete change of PE kit is required from everyday uniform including socks, Plimsolls/Trainers.

Red shorts, Red t-shirt with logo

House P.E Bag


From Year 3 onwards

House Football or Netball Sweatshirt

Football or Netball Socks


Extras (optional)

Book Bags – House Colours (Red Oak, Green Elm, Blue Fir, Yellow Ash) with the school logo

Reversible Fleece/Waterproof Coat in Red or Navy

Lightweight Jacket in Red or Navy

Sun Cap: Red with logo

Winter Hat: Red with logo


All items of clothing need to be clearly labelled with the child’s name.


The school has an agreed policy for the wearing of jewellery. Children may have a maximum of one pair of earrings (studs or sleepers and one in each ear) and may wear a watch. No other jewellery or accessory is permitted. Make-up, including nail varnish, should not be worn; long Hair must be tied back.