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Wellbeing and Mental Health

10 A Day for Mental Health 

At Blackpool School, we follow some guiding principles to support mental health for all members of the school community every day. These simple steps are complemented by further explicit teaching through the PSHE curriculum and focused weeks, days or assemblies e.g Children's mental health week. 


Happy Maps


Worried about your child's behaviour or mental health and not sure what is normal? Wondering whether to go and see your GP?  Perhaps you have been referred to specialist services but there is a long wait ..... or perhaps you've been told the problem is not quite serious enough to be referred.  HappyMaps, is a website that will signpost you to books, websites, counselling services and parents groups so you can find help and support for you and your child, teenager or young adult.   For more information please visit

A guide to supporting Trans Children and Young People