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Our Collective Worship


Our Collective Worship at Blackpool School.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Collective Worship focus on exploring our school Christian Values.  



We sing and listen to  worship songs.


During this time one of our house groups will meet for a pupil led assembly.  School and British values will be explored and discussed as we explore Big Questions.





Collective worship focuses on  God’s Big Story’  and learning more stories from the Bible.

Rev John from St Michael’s Church Liverton, or members of the Church Open The Book Group lead these times of collective worship.

Collective worship is held in our class groups.   This gives us the chance to explore and debate big questions and explore the themes of our Christian values in a different way with our class.

Celebration assembly including:

  • Star of the week
  • The Achievers Cup
  • Other achievements
  • The Ethos cup


Our Aims




Collective Worship Day1

Our School Values of Aspire, Flourish and Achieve have been linked to other Christian Values.  These values are central to all our collective worship.  Monday’s Collective Worship is particularly focused on highlighting these values to our School Community.





Collective Worship Day 2

We come together to sing praise and worship. We also take time to learn and practice our School Song which reminds us of all our School Values and Curriculum Threads.

Every Tuesday our house captains take it turns to lead a house assembly.  We use Picture news to explore important themes and develop our understanding of British Values.




Collective Worship  Day 3

God’s Big Story


Vicar John  or our local Open The Book Group takes us on a journey through the stories in the Bible.  




Collective Worship Day 4

These assemblies, are held in our smaller class groups as we focus on Big Questions.  We explore themes linked to British Values and our School Values.



Our special Assemblies

Throughout the Year every child in our school is involved in leading a special assembly in our school.  This is an opportunity for us to invite parents and the wider community to share in out collective worship.


Autumn Term

 - Unit 1 - Harvest Assembly

Unit 3 -  Remembrance Assembly


Spring Term


Unit 2 - Easter Assembly


EYFS - Mother's day assembly