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Download School and Trust Policies


Please see below for policies available to download.  In order to open these policies you will need Adobe PDF reader installed on your computer.  Most machines come with this installed but if not you can download it for free here.


Policies are available on the First Federation website, please click here to view and/or download them. 

 You can find information about safeguarding on this site here.”

Behaviour and Relationships 


Below is an outline of our approach to behaviour at Blackpool. Please use the links to find out more about the intent, implementation and intended impact about the way we teach behaviour in our school.

Our approach is based on our school ethos and values and is based on inclusive and compassionate principles which support the well-being of all our children. High levels of nurture and empathy, with a systematic structure, support children to feel safe. Children have clear boundaries, predictable routines, expectations and regulated responses to behaviour. We create many opportunities for all children to achieve and be rewarded for positive behaviours, and implement natural consequences and restorative practices that can follow certain behaviours. We believe that positive behavious begin with trusted and valued relationships with all members of our school community, and are building trauma-informed practices into approaches to managing behaviour. Responses to behaviour ensure that children feel safe and that all needs are met. Children have personalised responses to support their personal development and well-being. Consistency does not mean always responding in the same way to each child or behaviour, it means responding in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs. Whilst each individual child benefits from a consistent approach, being consistent and fair is not about everyone getting the same, but everyone getting what they need. Developing whole-school relational practice, and establishing and maintaining systems and practices in line with our policies will involve whole-school approaches and ongoing commitment from all in our school community. We will work with parents to ensure all children align with the expectations and standards of our school values and support them to achieve their best. 

The Blackpool Way Promise

Appendix for Behaviour policy September 2022

Child-friendly Anti-bullying Policy

Mental Health and Well Being Policy