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Meet our Leaders

Leadership at Blackpool


We believe that everyone in our school community should be fully included and active in leading our school. 

There are many opportunities for leadership in all year groups throughout the school, that are encouraged at a class level so that the children learn to take responsibility for aspects or areas of their classroom or Unit.

Every class has an opportunity to lead on the school council through our Smart School Council System.

Each class from Year 1 to 6 has a class representative on the school Eco-committee, and children in Key stage 2 are Ethos Leads.

All children in Year 6 have an area of responsibility and are encouraged to be actively involved in leading an aspect of the wider school life and activity.


Meet our current leaders:


House Captains and Prefects


Ash House

Austin S, Natalie M, Evie E, Reuben S


Elm House

George C, Emily D, Sammy S, Ameila B


Fir House

Mary M, John -Henry W, Oscar HM, Samara H


Oak House

Nathaniel P, Kirsty M, Oska A, Polly A



Lilia H, Archie F, Molly G, Erin A, Layla S, Evie L


Digital Leaders

Max R, Tom F, Ned G, Archie L, Ethan D, Willow W


Play Leaders

Emmy L, Lillie-Mae C, Jasmine A


PE Leaders

Connie H, Coby R, Herminone L, Jack K, Elliot H, Samantha C, Ameila O


Communication Leads for School Council

Alexa B, Henry A, Nathan S, Noah H


Ethos Committee (Year 5 and 6)

Samantha C, George C, Florence H, Jude CD, Phoebe H,