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Unit 2; Johnson, Drake, Cook

Spelling progression

'Letter-join' handwriting

Year 3 and 4 statutory words

Unit 2 Autumn term newsletter

Unit 2 Autumn term curriculum coverage

Welcome to the Unit 2 page 2019/20


Here you will find copies of our newsletters, useful documents related to school and home learning and further news about the children's achievements. 

Year 4 Heatree Residential

Year 4 Heatree Residential 1 Year 4 finished the Spring term with a three day residential at Heatree Activity Centre on Dartmoor. The children took part in a range of outdoor activities, with all children demonstrating perseverance, determination, patience and teamwork throughout their stay. Over the course of the three days, the children worked towards achieving the National Outdoor Learning Award (NOLA).
Year 4 Heatree Residential 2
Year 4 Heatree Residential 3
Year 4 Heatree Residential 4
Year 4 Heatree Residential 5
Year 4 Heatree Residential 6
Year 4 Heatree Residential 7
Year 4 Heatree Residential 8
Year 4 Heatree Residential 9
Year 4 Heatree Residential 10
Year 4 Heatree Residential 11
Year 4 Heatree Residential 12
Year 4 Heatree Residential 13
Year 4 Heatree Residential 14
Year 4 Heatree Residential 15
Year 4 Heatree Residential 16
Year 4 Heatree Residential 17
Year 4 Heatree Residential 18
Year 4 Heatree Residential 19
Year 4 Heatree Residential 20
Year 4 Heatree Residential 21
Year 4 Heatree Residential 22
Year 4 Heatree Residential 23
Year 4 Heatree Residential 24
Year 4 Heatree Residential 25
Year 4 Heatree Residential 26
Year 4 Heatree Residential 27
Year 4 Heatree Residential 28
Year 4 Heatree Residential 29
Year 4 Heatree Residential 30
Year 4 Heatree Residential 31
Year 4 Heatree Residential 32
Year 4 Heatree Residential 33
Year 4 Heatree Residential 34
Year 4 Heatree Residential 35
Year 4 Heatree Residential 36
Year 4 Heatree Residential 37
Year 4 Heatree Residential 38
Year 4 Heatree Residential 39
Year 4 Heatree Residential 40
Year 4 Heatree Residential 41
Year 4 Heatree Residential 42
Year 4 Heatree Residential 43
Year 4 Heatree Residential 44
Year 4 Heatree Residential 45
Year 4 Heatree Residential 46
Year 4 Heatree Residential 47
Year 4 Heatree Residential 48
Year 4 Heatree Residential 49
Year 4 Heatree Residential 50
Year 4 Heatree Residential 51
Year 4 Heatree Residential 52
Year 4 Heatree Residential 53
Year 4 Heatree Residential 54
Year 4 Heatree Residential 55
Year 4 Heatree Residential 56
Year 4 Heatree Residential 57
Year 4 Heatree Residential 58
Year 4 Heatree Residential 59
Year 4 Heatree Residential 60
Year 4 Heatree Residential 61
Year 4 Heatree Residential 62
Year 4 Heatree Residential 63
Year 4 Heatree Residential 64
Year 4 Heatree Residential 65
Year 4 Heatree Residential 66
Year 4 Heatree Residential 67
Year 4 Heatree Residential 68
Year 4 Heatree Residential 69
Year 4 Heatree Residential 70
Year 4 Heatree Residential 71
Year 4 Heatree Residential 72
Year 4 Heatree Residential 73
Year 4 Heatree Residential 74
Year 4 Heatree Residential 75
Year 4 Heatree Residential 76
Year 4 Heatree Residential 77
Year 4 Heatree Residential 78
Year 4 Heatree Residential 79
Year 4 Heatree Residential 80
Year 4 Heatree Residential 81
Year 4 Heatree Residential 82
Year 4 Heatree Residential 83
Year 4 Heatree Residential 84
Year 4 Heatree Residential 85
Year 4 Heatree Residential 86
Year 4 Heatree Residential 87
Year 4 Heatree Residential 88
Year 4 Heatree Residential 89
Year 4 Heatree Residential 90
Year 4 Heatree Residential 91
Year 4 Heatree Residential 92
Year 4 Heatree Residential 93
Year 4 Heatree Residential 94
Year 4 Heatree Residential 95
Year 4 Heatree Residential 96
Year 4 Heatree Residential 97
Year 4 Heatree Residential 98
Year 4 Heatree Residential 99
Year 4 Heatree Residential 100
Year 4 Heatree Residential 101
Year 4 Heatree Residential 102
Year 4 Heatree Residential 103
Year 4 Heatree Residential 104
Year 4 Heatree Residential 105
Year 4 Heatree Residential 106
Year 4 Heatree Residential 107
Year 4 Heatree Residential 108
Year 4 Heatree Residential 109
Year 4 Heatree Residential 110
Year 4 Heatree Residential 111
Year 4 Heatree Residential 112
Year 4 Heatree Residential 113
Year 4 Heatree Residential 114
Year 4 Heatree Residential 115
Year 4 Heatree Residential 116
Year 4 Heatree Residential 117
Year 4 Heatree Residential 118
Year 4 Heatree Residential 119
Year 4 Heatree Residential 120
Year 4 Heatree Residential 121
Year 4 Heatree Residential 122
Year 4 Heatree Residential 123
Year 4 Heatree Residential 124
Year 4 Heatree Residential 125

Cross Country at Stover

Cross Country at Stover 1 On Tuesday 26th April, year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children took part in a cross country event at Stover School. There were over hundred runners in each year group race, with a challenging course around Stover’s grounds. All Blackpool runners demonstrated a fantastic attitude and represented the school superbly.
Cross Country at Stover 2

Heatree House Kit List

Tag Rugby at SDCC

Tag Rugby at SDCC 1 On Thursday 22nd November, we took a year 3/4 and 5/6 tag rugby team to SDCC to compete against other local primary schools. The year 3/4 team won their competition after winning all of their matches, and the year 5/6 team came second in their competition. Both teams qualified to represent South Dartmoor in the finals next month. A huge congratulations to all children involved.
Tag Rugby at SDCC 2
Tag Rugby at SDCC 3

Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly

Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 1 On Friday 9th November, Unit 2 delivered a Remembrance Day assembly, with parents, grandparents, members of the local community and two special guests from The British Legion in attendance. A two minutes silence was held in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in all conflicts. The pupils paid tribute by reading poems, acting scenes to retell stories and by singing hymns. Feedback from the local community commented on the successful way the children put across this important message.
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 2
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 3
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 4
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 5
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 6
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 7
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 8
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 9
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 10
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 11
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 12
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 13
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 14
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 15
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 16
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 17
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 18
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 19
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 20
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 21
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 22
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 23
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 24
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 25
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 26
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 27
Unit 2 Remembrance Assembly 28

SDCC Year 3/4 Football

SDCC Year 3/4 Football 1 On Thursday 8th November, Unit 2 had two teams competing against other local schools in a football tournament at SDCC. Both teams performed superbly in their own individual leagues during the afternoon, and each team secured second place in their final playoff matches. A huge well done!
SDCC Year 3/4 Football 2
SDCC Year 3/4 Football 3

The Doel Cup

The Doel Cup 1 On Wednesday 7th November, the Unit 2 football team competed in The Doel Cup. The team looked very smart in their new kit, and the children represented the school in true Blackpool spirit!
The Doel Cup 2
The Doel Cup 3
The Doel Cup 4

Building Celtic round houses

Building Celtic round houses  1 On Friday 12th October, Unit 2 invited parents into school to help us create Celtic round houses. Earlier in the week, we had produced a set of instructions to follow, which we used on the day. The final results were fantastic, and the children will be using them to teach KS1 about these famous historical homes next week.
Building Celtic round houses  2
Building Celtic round houses  3
Building Celtic round houses  4
Building Celtic round houses  5
Building Celtic round houses  6

Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions

Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 1
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 2
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 3
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 4
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 5
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 6
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 7
Year 4 South Hub Spelling Champions 8

Tag Rugby at Newton Abbot Rugby Club

Tag Rugby at Newton Abbot Rugby Club 1 On Wednesday 3rd October, six Unit 2 children represented the school in a tag rugby competition. The children enjoyed playing against four other schools from the local area. The team demonstrated a fantastic attitude towards each other and their opponents, and they were a huge credit to the school.
Tag Rugby at Newton Abbot Rugby Club 2
Tag Rugby at Newton Abbot Rugby Club 3

Roman Sports Day

Roman Sports Day 1 As part of our writing recount unit in English, we took part in a Roman themed sports day. After the activities, we used this to inspire our recount writing about the event. Have a look in our English books to read our recounts.
Roman Sports Day 2
Roman Sports Day 3

The legend of the founding of Rome.

The legend of the founding of Rome. 1 In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus are twin brothers, whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome and the Roman Kingdom by Romulus.
The legend of the founding of Rome. 2
The legend of the founding of Rome. 3
The legend of the founding of Rome. 4

Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school?

Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 1 We decided on a skill to give our robots.
Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 2 We designed our robots carefully.
Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 3 In teams we chose materials to build our robots.
Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 4
Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 5
Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 6 Here is our hypnotic robot!
Spider-Bots Takeover! Can we design a robot to save our school? 7 Meet Drake-bot!

Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid?

Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 1 A tricky choice....more pasta or marshmallows?
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 2 A great example of teamwork.
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 3
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 4
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 5
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 6
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 7
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 8
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 9
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 10
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 11
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 12
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 13
Our Egyptian Day Challenge! Who could build the tallest pyramid? 14

Unit 2 Dartmoor Trip

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th May saw all of the pupils from Year 3 and 4 visit Bellever Tor on Dartmoor as part of our topic ‘Mighty Mountains’. During our guided visit, we learnt about how Dartmoor was formed and, in particular, how Bellever (which sits in the heart of the National Park) has changed over the past 3 million years through the influence of weathering and man. We were very interested in discovering the geography and history behind the landmarks that we studied along the way which included looking at Bronze Age ‘kists’, the Lichway and the Tor itself. Some of us were also lucky enough to see the Dartmoor ponies and learn how these tough ponies are an extremely important part of the management of the landscape of Dartmoor.

‘We learnt that many years ago people had to walk 17miles over the moor in the winter to get to their nearest church for a wedding, funeral or Christening. My favourite part of the trip was doing the walk and seeing the ancient graves.’ Izzy Year 4.

‘I learnt that there are about 150 tors on Dartmoor and my favourite part of the walk was climbing up on to Bellever Tor and seeing the magnificent view.’ Josh Year 3.

Thank you to the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust for providing us with this great learning opportunity!

Unit 2 2017 Summer Overview Planning

Year 3/4 Winners!

                                                                                                                       Year 3/4 Winners! 1
Blackpool School's Year 3/4 football team finished a brilliant year with a fantastic display of team work at an end of season tournament. The team won the Teignbridge District  Seven-a-Side Football League Plate.They had six games and won every game they played. 

Year 4 Visit to Heatree House

The Year 4s had a fun filled 3 days at Heatree. Enjoy looking through our photos to see what we got up to...
Year 3 Nature Day at River Dart Country Park

On Tuesday 14th March we went to The River Dart Country Park.  We learnt about a 3 week old baby owl who was being hand reared.  We did a welly walk then went to do some pond dipping.  Some children were really lucky and caught some silver fish!  We were really sad that we had to leave but we had a fun day!

By Tallulah and Joshua

Unit 2 Spanish Day
Children in Unit 2 had a fun packed day filled with Spanish activities! Dressed in their holiday best they decorated Gaudi inspired lizards for a unit display, made piñatas, and cooked and sampled traditional Spanish food!
World Book Day 
Unit 2 had a fun filled day celebrating World Book Day! We completed a scavenger hunt in the library, took part in class quizzes and shared various activities with Unit 1.

Unit 2 2017 Spring Overview Planning

Reverend David's Visit

Reverend David's Visit 1 The Reverend David answering questions

As part of our work on inspirational people, the Reverend David visited each class in Unit Two. He explained the different things a vicar does and also what inspired him to become a vicar. During the visit, he answered questions that were put to him by the children. These ranged from: 'What is the most important Christian festival?' to  'What will he ask Jesus when he meets Him?' 

Tudor Day

The children in Unit 2 had great fun coming to school dressed in Tudor costume and fully involved themselves in the days activities.  The activities included making vegetable pottage and gingered bread; swords and goblets; and Tudor brooches.  A big thank you to the parents and grandparents that came to join in with the fun!


The Remembrance service was held on Friday 11th November this year.  Well done to all of the Unit 2 children for the part they had to play in delivering such a thoughtful service in remembering all of those who have fought and died in the 2 World Wars and subsequent wars.  The poems 'In Flanders Fields' and 'Please wear a poppy' were beautifully delivered.  In the week leading up to our service children did various art activities around the poppy which produced the backdrop to our service.  Special thanks to Trish Windmill for her thoughtful words and prayers to close the service and to Al Blackwell for his brilliant piano playing to accompany our hymns.

Unit 2 Visit The Golden Hind

The children in Unit 2 had a great time visiting the Golden Hind in Brixham.  Their Tudor topic was brought to life as they boarded the ship to be taken back in time aboard Sir Francis Drake’s ship!  Activities included walking the plank, dressing in role as one of the ship’s men, firing canons at the enemy and hoisting the ship’s flag. Much was learnt about life on board the ship during this time in our history.

Tudor Homework Project

Unit 2 Parent Meeting 

Unit 2 2016 Autumn Overview Planning 

'Prolific Poets Enrichment Group' Trip to the Ted Hughes Poetry Trail at Stover Park

Stover Country Park Visit


The children in Unit 2 enjoyed learning about their local environment when visiting Stover Country Park. They really enjoyed taking part in a range of exciting activities including pond dipping, nature hunts and den building to promote team work and collaboration.


This term, some of the Year 4s took part in a ‘Prolific Poets’ Enrichment. The children read and performed a variety of poetry together, and had a go at writing their own poems. We sent some of our poems to a website who then published them online. You can visit the website and read our poems at In our final session together, we went to Stover Country Park to follow the Ted Hughes Poetry Trail. We enjoyed reading the various poems which were specifically chosen by Ted Hughes’ wife carol to compliment the wildlife along the trail.

Heatree House - Year 4 Residential

Year 4 Music Event


Year four pupils had a fantastic time at South Dartmoor Community College, participating in a wide range of musical workshops and performances.

World Book Day

Children in Unit 2 enjoyed coming to school dressed as a character from a book, to celebrate World Book Day.

The children took part in a range of reading and book related activities including a scavenger hunt, book quizzes and buddy work with children in younger age classes in the school.

Which characters can you spot in the photographs below?




Unit 2 Lego Technology Robot Themed Day

Last week the children in Unit 2 took part in a Technic Lego and Design Technology themed day, linked with our Robots topic.

Each class had the opportunity to take part in a Technic Lego workshop with a visiting specialist who provided the Technic Lego equipment and expert teaching that supported the children in exploring engineering, design, construction and programming moving models.

There were lots of opportunity to link their learning with design technology, maths and science in a fun and practical context. The activities provided many opportunities for problem solving, innovation and teamwork skills to be developed.

The children also had great fun making models of robots from recycled materials.

Ancient Egyptian Museum Day


Thank you to all of the pupils in Unit 2 for bringing their fantastic home learning projects to school to exhibit in our Unit 2 Museum. The children enjoyed showing and explaining their Ancient Egyptian artefacts to the rest of the Unit in a one-off exhibition, showcasing their work. 

Unit 2 Egyptian Theme Day


Children in Unit 2 enjoyed walking like and Egyptian this week, arriving at school dressed in Egyptian themed costumes. Thank you to parents and helpers who spent the first part of the day in classrooms, sharing their creative expertise when making a 3-d sarcophagus. The children then spent the day immersed in Egyptian arts and crafts to help them learn more about aspects of Egyptian life, rituals and religion. The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day, which ended by sharing our work with the rest of the school in an assembly.  



Unit 2 Egyptian Day - Time Travellers Enrichment Day

Unit 2 took part in a fantastic day of Egyptian themed activities, led by Time Travellers archaeologist and historian from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. The children had first hand experience of handling Egyptian artefacts to decide if they were real or replicas, asking questions like an archaeologist and piecing together clues to find out more about the everyday objects of the Ancient civilisation. They also had an opportunity to take part in role play and carried out a mummification ceremony!

Remembrance Day Service 2015


Well done to Unit 2 in performing their Remembrance Service to the pupils, parents and local community.

There was a  fantastic turnout of pupils from all year groups throughout the school wearing uniforms which represented the various Scouting organisations.

A two minutes silence was held in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in all conflicts. The pupils paid tribute by reading poems, acting scenes to retell stories and by singing hymns.

Parents, grandparents and members of our local community commented on the successful way the children put across this important message.

Farmwise Visit

Unit 2 Newsletter Autumn 2015

Unit 2 Medium Term Planning Autumn 2015 - Egyptians

Trip to Bellever on Dartmoor


Unit 2 enjoyed a visit to Bellever on Dartmoor during their study of mountains. The Year 4 group came home a little muddier soggier than the Year 3's, but both had lots of fun exploring the landscape of Dartmoor on guided walks. They learnt lots about the land formation, flora and fauna and myths and legends of the moors. They also spent some time learning about the important role of bees on Dartmoor and made a bees wax candle to bring home.

Multi Cultural Week - South America


This year, Unit 2 explored South America on their travels around the world. We learnt where South America is in the world, using atlases.  We explored the landscape and flora and fauna of the country and made pen and ink  silhouette pictures of the rainforest. We South American masks, using clay and learnt how to weave, taking inspiration from South American textiles. We spent a day in the school woods with Chris Holland from Natural England, who told us traditional South American stories and we enjoyed making clay characters to retell the adventures. We also tried some typical foods that are included in South American cooking. We had a fun week, learning about another culture in a creative way.

Unit 2 Summer Term Newsletter

Unit 2 Spanish Tapas


We really enjoyed tasting Spanish Tapas to experience some of the food and drink that is eaten in Spain.


Unit 2 Spanish Day

Hola. Lots of fun was had by all, as Unit 2 kick-started their topic this term with a trip to Spain.

The children came to school dressed and packed for their holiday, and enjoyed an aeroplane trip (virtual) to Spain. They helped to make and enjoyed tasting a delicious paella and learnt about the origins of the ingredients. There was some rather energetic dancing to traditional Spanish music, when learning how to Flamenco. The children also learnt lots about Picasso, through an artist study, and learnt about his varied and interesting abstract painting styles, creating some rather interesting portraits of their own. They planned and began making 3d Cubist Picasso style heads. The children also got a chance to practice some every day conversational skills. Adios.

Unit 2 visit Spain!

Unit 2 Spring 2015 News Letter

Unit 2 Tudor Day

The children in Unit 2 enjoyed coming to school dressed in Tudor costumes and taking part in a range of exciting Tudor activities, that enriched their learning in this topic. The children invited family members to spent the morning working alongside them to help design and make a Tudor house. Other activities included learning Tudor dance, and making broaches and crowns. To really immerse them in the Tudor experience, the school kitchen laid on a magnificent banquet that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Unit 2 visit to The Golden Hind in Brixham

Unit 2 enjoyed a fantasic day in Brixham, exploring Sir Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hind. The children thorougly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Drakes famous voyages and explorations, with a 'hands-on' experience of life aboard a Tudor ship. They learnt lots of interesting (and some rather unpleasant!) facts about the life of a sailor and about the life of Drake.


Unit 2 Autumn Term 2014 Newsletter

Mini-Beast Hunting and Shelter Building at Stover Country Park

Heatree House Year 4 Residential

Stover Country Park Visit

World Book Day

Robots Topic Spring 2014

Sports in Unit 2

Music in Unit 2

Egyptian Topic Autumn 2013