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Dear Parents


I have immense pleasure in being able to send you the Ofsted Inspection Report following the Ofsted Inspection of Blackpool C of E Primary last week. Last academic year out of nearly 3000 schools inspected during the Autumn and Spring terms only 3 were judged Outstanding in every judgement. That was the old framework and as you are probably aware the new Chief Inspector of Schools has introduced a new framework which is even more rigorous and demanding. The target is that only up to 5% of all schools will now receive an Outstanding judgement.




Here is a flavour of what the inspectors found;

‘This is an outstanding school. The excellent focus on individual learning ensures that pupils’ achievement is outstanding by the time they leave the school.’


‘The outstanding teaching and excellent curriculum motivate and challenge pupils exceptionally well.’


Pupils’ attitudes are outstanding, exemplified by their excellent paired and group work, and this leads to the harmonious atmosphere in the school.’


‘The excellent self-evaluation and development planning within the federation structure means that the school has very strong capacity for further improvement.’

Throughout the report the quality of the learning, the quality of the pupils, the quality of the teaching and the quality of the Leadership shines through


Teachers have very high expectations of what pupils can achieve and teach them in a way that supports their progress whatever their starting points.

Staff are excellent at encouraging all pupils to make the most of their education and develop great pride in their work.


Teaching assistants are used very well to support group work or individuals.

The planned curriculum has a strong impact on teaching, with staff very successfully adapting lesson content to ensure engagement and enthusiasm.


Pupils spoke proudly of their roles in supporting the work of the school through such activities as membership of the school council, house captains and prefects.

Our systems and structure that we have developed over years were identified as being innovative and highly effective.


The highly effective work of the class unit teams means that the pupils benefit from a very well planned curriculum which, together with the well-established progress tracking system, ensures that individual needs are met exceptionally well.


The leadership structure of the federation enables a head of teaching and learning in each school, accountable to the Executive Headteacher, to drive improvements in attainment and progress. The success of this approach at Blackpool can be seen in the outstanding achievements of the pupils over time.

The governing body takes responsibility for the strategic development of all of the schools within the federation..there is a strong drive across all of the management structures within the school to continue to develop achievement and provision.


Under Scott Ord’s inspirational leadership the team at Blackpool has taken the school to another level, the new leadership system that we championed and created over six years ago through federation, enables talented professionals to make a real impact on the quality of learning and teaching in our schools.


The school’s excellent curriculum enables pupils to develop their talents and skills in a wide range of activities. An outstanding feature of the provision is the enrichment programme in which all pupils undertake a range of projects involving working in the natural environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the talented staff, the wonderful pupils, the supportive parents and the hard working extended community family for enabling Blackpool School to be judged Outstanding.

We will not rest on our laurels as everyone at Blackpool is committed to improving even further.


Our school motto is ‘Only my best is good enough’ this Inspection shows that everyone involved in our school lives and breathes that motto.


Click below for the full report:, which you will need Adobe PDF installed on your machine to read.  Most computers already have this but if not you can download it for free here.

OFSTED Blackpool

Ofsted letter to parents

BP Ofsted Report March 12