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Weekly Home Learning

Our vision and purpose for homework is:

  • To reinforce what they are learning in school- particularly rehearsal of key skills in core subjects.
  • To provide opportunities to explore their interests, the real world and make connections with things around them.
  • To provide opportunities to interact and engage with families to support and celebrate their efforts and progress.
  • To support positive study habits and attitudes to learning such as - time management, perseverance, resilience and self-discipline.
  • To prepare pupils for the next stages in learning – particularly at the end of Key Stage 2.


Please see the weekly home learning tasks to be completed by all children in dated documents below.


The weekly homework expectations include daily reading, spelling, maths and a question for discussion at home. The ‘Question of the Week’ is designed for you to have some discussion time with your child in order to build their oracy skills, to help them to build confidence in speaking and listening and to engage in quality discussions. The question may be designed to reflect on previous learning, think ahead to new learning, or be a general discussion point.


‘Word of the Week’ is taught in school every week, in an age-appropriate way, with the purpose of developing rich and varied vocabulary, which will support our children’s language development and unlock doors to high-quality reading, writing and oracy. Please find time to discuss the meaning of the word with your children and ways in which you can include it in everyday conversations and writing opportunities so that they broaden their everyday use of these words.


Further information for each Key stage will be sent out if needed. 


Log-ins for websites that support home learning have been sent home, but please contact the class teacher if you require further support with this.


The main aim of the homework tasks is to reinforce and recap core skills in key areas, as repeated practice is a proven method to ensure key facts and skills are embedded. 


The whole school termly projects are an opportunity for you to enjoy a more creative, open-ended experience with your child//children, where children can showcase their learning experiences in a way that they enjoy, and is a great way to connect and communicate with you about their learning. 



Information for parents - updates about homework

Optional Home Learning Resources 


The resources in the age-appropriate folders below can be accessed to supplement the weekly home learning tasks set by the class teacher. Please feel free to access this as appropriate for your child. We would love to see any work that your child has completed, so please encourage the to bring this to school to show their class teacher.

Parent Guides and Supports for Home Learning