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Healthy Snacks

Healthy Eating-Snack Policy

Through our School Council meetings, which involved all children in the school voting on what they would like as a healthy school snack and what action should follow on from this, we will be introducing a revised snack policy. 

The responses from the class meetings and voting showed that the vast majority of our children, 95%, wanted to have fresh fruit and vegetables only to eat in morning snack time.


Many of the comments that were logged in class meetings included some excellent thoughts including; large snacks leading to not being so hungry at lunch time, some snacks that are not deemed healthy by the children (such as processed foods, crisps and cereal bars), and references to the number of children with allergies, which presents some difficulties with storing and consuming snack. Many children also commented that by having fruit and veg only, it would eliminate any grey areas about what constitutes a healthy snack as well as some feelings of jealousy or unfairness.


It is important that our children understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet so that they know that there are many other healthy foods that can be included in their diets at other times.


In order to see the outcomes of their voice, through our school council debates, being actioned, we will be implementing a ‘fresh fruit and vegetable only’ policy for snack time.


This is a positive school response not only to promote a healthy lifestyle, but a real life example of democracy in action through our school council system.

Snack policy letter to parents