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February 2023

At Blackpool school, we are thrilled to have started a partnership with the charity Edukid.  Through this partnership we sponsor 2 children to attend school in Kirombe Primary School in Uganda.  Our Ethos team work throughout the Year to raise money to support the education of Ricky and Precious.


We are excited about having the opportunity to speak to Ricky and Precious through zoom and develop our relationship with them further.


January 2023

We started the year focusing on the theme of hope.  We explored the story, A lighthouse and reflected on the symbolism of the lighthouse as a place of safety and refuge.  We were able to draw links between this and Christian beliefs about God.   



September '22

This Year we started the school year focusing on our school motto,

  'Spur on another on to love and good deeds'

Hebrews 10 vs 24

This year we will continue to focus on our school Values.


This year we will focus on all our Christina values, and throughout the year our pupils will choose their top 6 Christian values.  Thus refining our Christian Values to 6.

On Thursday 13th February 2020 the Ethos Team attended a Federation Ethos Day. During the day they began a piece of art work themed around spirituality. Our schools Ethos Team have been working on a piece of art work inspired by one of our values—Flourish. The design shows a globe split into halves by a dark zigzag line. On one half it is coloured in grey dull shades, this is to represent a polluted world. On the other half of the globe has been coloured in bright colours to show a happy world. A rainbow has been drawn on the bright side like when God sent a floor and when it was over God sent a rainbow to say the flood has passed. To represent the flood on the dark side there are lots of rain clouds.

Ethos Team - Monday 13th January 2020

On Monday 13th January 2020 the Ethos committee led an assembly about our school value 'aspire'. They shared information with the school about how we should help each other to aspire to reach our goals and dreams.  The Values Cup, which is awarded by the Ethos team, is now being given to children who have helped someone else in school to reach their aspirations.  Alongside this, the Ethos team feel it is important that we help others around the World who struggle to reach their dreams and aspirations.  With this in mind, they have also begun to raise money for Toilet Twinning, a charity which helps people around the World who do not have access to clean, safe toilets. 

Ethos meeting at Salcombe Holy Trinity Church


On Thursday 7th November members of the Ethos Team went to Salcombe Holy Trinity Church to attend an Ethos Day.  The main theme was around aspiring. The children undertook workshops based on their aspirations and compared them to different cultures including the activity ‘twinning toilets’ this put into perspective their own aspirations verses those who are less fortunate who aspire to having washing and toilet facilities. They then undertook an activity where they did their own motto of what they believe aspiring was. This was a thought inspiring day.



First Federation Ethos Day - Thursday 17th January 2019


On Thursday 17th January, Mrs Humphries and Miss Coban took Robert Walton, Lily Lambell, Sophia Beacom, Samantha Churchard and George Cox to a ‘Children’s Ethos Day’ which was hosted by Newton Ferrers Primary School at Holy Cross Church.


During the day the children took part in activities related to aspirations. They also had the opportunity to share what we do at our school as well as working with other children across the Federation.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and represented our school fantastically.

Easter Ethos Day at Blackpool Primary School


On Thursday 15th March Blackpool C of E School hosted an Easter Ethos Day. They were joined by Newton Ferrers Primary, Aveton Gifford Primary, Salcombe Primary and Gatehouse Primary. They completed various activities, which included, colouring giant Easter posters, decorating Easter biscuits, learning about the Easter story through ‘Resurrection Eggs’ and finally taking part in an Easter quiz.

All the children had an enjoyable and busy day, returning to their schools with a poster to be completed with their Ethos groups.

Christmas Ethos Day at Aveton Gifford Primary School.


On Monday 4th December 2018 there was a Federation South Hub Ethos Day at Aveton Gifford Primary School with Blackpool, Salcombe, Newton Ferrers and Gatehouse Primary School. Here’s what Jacob and Gracie had to say about their day…


“We went to Aveton Gifford by bus and headed to St Andrews Church. The first activity was a quiz with two sections. The first was about the birth of Jesus and the second was about Christmas. There were lots of trick questions but we got there in the end! We were split into two groups and we were working with children from other schools. They introduced the activities, which were really fun. We decorated candles to turn them into advent candles to represent the four Sundays of advent. The next activity was an acrostic poem. Once we had finished that we got to check our answers from the quiz, we were so pleased that we got them all right! We finished the day by singing the hymn ‘Over The Mountains and Far Away’, then we all said a prayer. It was lovely meeting the children from the other Ethos teams and it will be great next time we meet as we will know them.”


Jacob and Gracie

An Easter Celebration


An Easter themed Ethos Day took place on Friday March 11th 2016 and was organised and hosted by Blackpool CE Primary School.


The children present represented many of the federation’s schools including:

 Blackpool CE Primary School

 Aveton Gifford CE Primary School

 Chudleigh Knighton CE Primary School

 Newton Ferrers CE Primary School

 Lady Seawards VA Primary School

 Westcliffe Primary School

 St Leonard’s CE Primary School

 Salcombe CE Primary School


There were also pupils from other local Church of England primary schools- Chudleigh CE Primary and Ilsington CE Primary.


The day was led by Reverend Paul Wimsett and the teaching staff , clergy and volunteers from across the ten schools, many of whom have been involved in providing these special days for the school’s Ethos Teams for over five years now.


The children took part in an interesting range of activities and collective worship which helped them to understand the Easter story. The day was designed to support the children in their own role leading collective worship when they are back at school. As ever all pupils involved behaved in an exemplary way and were a credit to their schools.


Mrs McCarthy-Patmore Ethos Coordinator for the federation, attended the day and was presented with a card and flowers as she is leaving her role and moving on to a new position.


The next Children’s ethos Day will be hosted by Salcombe church and a date in June will soon be decided on and invitations will be sent to schools next term.

Day at Chudleigh Parish Church


The Ethos group joined other children from the First Federation at Ethos Day held at Chudleigh Parish Church.


They were involved in a range of activities based around the story of the Creation through music, singing and dance.