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Our Ethos Committee


Blackpool Church of England Primary School's Ethos Team


The Ethos Team is supported by Mrs Abigail Marshall, Reverend David Harris, Mrs Trish Windmill and Mrs Anna Pike. We have a ‘Values Cup’ that is awarded to a pupil every Monday during Assembly, linked to one of our school Christian Values. Every Thursday members of the Ethos Team take nominations from pupils in the Library, and from these choose a pupil to receive the cup that week. The pupil awarded the cup has their photo displayed in the main corridor. We attend group meetings within school, as well as, participating in various Ethos Days with other schools in the Federation. Together we engage in activities that explore and reflect the Christian Values of each school.


Our Ethos Members

Unit 3 - Louis, Eleanor, Gracie, Jacob

Unit 2 – Lily, Sophia, Robert, Samantha, George




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